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What is Bounce Rate & What Does it Mean? 

This is the percentage (%) rate of people who only view one page of your website, before exiting. Which means, someone might click on your website from the search results, not browse deeper into your other pages but exiting instead.

This normally means that either the user has found the information they need (less likely) or they found out that they are not in the right place, taking too long to find the information, don’t trust the website or it’s just loading too slow.


Why Should You Care?

Imagine owning a supermarket, a customer walks in – looks around, doesn’t like what they see and leaves. Are you going to be making much money? Probably not.

Same applies for websites, your ultimate goal should be to keep them long enough to take meaningful action (i.e. share content, subscribe or buy something.) If they don’t stay long enough, then there is less chance of that happening.


How Will This Tutorial Help You?

I’ll show you how to create unique pages for mobile viewers online. This could mean removing images for less clutter and faster load times. Or even replacing the online quote button with a Call Now button – which people can simply press to contact you right away.

With these slight adjustments, you’ll have a better chance of keeping their attention for longer or enable them to take action easier.


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